A Very Zombie Christmas Movie Marathon

A Very Zombie Christmas Movie Marathon

Most (normal) people settle down to watch endless reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story or The Muppet Christmas Carol around this time of year. They snuggle down with their eggnog and their loved ones and get ready for some feel-good holiday flicks, complete with reindeer and a Christmas Eve saved at the last possible minute by outrageous circumstances.

But not you. No, you are a zombiephile, and no matter what time of year it is that means you will settle for no less than the finest in zombie cinema to get through your night. Whether it be Valentine’s Day or Flag Day, you know that to relax your vigilance for one second could mean complete and total annihilation of the human race.

So you watch zombie movies. Like a boss. And to celebrate the weirdness that is a zombiephile at Christmas time, here’s a list of some fine zombie flicks to get your through the cold winter nights. Get ready for the Very Zombie Christmas Movie Marathon:

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Not so Brothers Grimm: Black Friday recommendations from comics shops

That the hectic nature flooding the aisles during store hours on Black Friday has the fable components to sound off as an event given a busy jinx only a diabolic queen’s dabbling would cast. Whether Aesop or Brothers Grimm ever had the notion once long ago within a market square is a best guess over a story book never written, yet more than likely a scene written into a television episode nowadays.

The trend of modernizing fables pops up those legendary figures out of traditional lexicon and renders the reimagination treatment amongst the celebrity production personifying that umbrella of Hollywood idealism, and already enchanting audiences with the prospective tellings.

This Fall’s primetime recounts its star power blend first, even as two upcoming 2012 movies evoke their trailers to a viral effect across the internet.

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” rewrites Snow White and Prince Charming into a small New England town, the result of the Evil Queen’s ultimate curse. “Grimm”, on NBC, writes the Brothers Grimm into a lineage and a current day descendent Nick Burkhardt, a Portland detective, discovers he has the inherited ability to see those dangerous legendary creatures behind their all too human guises.
Looks are coming about for retellings of a similar nature. Some comic book mindsets have written volume or few on modern folk tales, and even the fabulist nature from topical inceptions have made the top seller lists.

Snow White vies against the Evil Queen in some of these graphic novels and trade paperbacks, and while they aren’t as live action mesmerizing as Charlize Theron or Julia Roberts will bring to the silver screen next year, the choices make the long wait to the cinema a dual opportunity for gifts.

Comic shop owners across the D.C. area have responded to what recommendations they have to meet the reading experiences of various ages. The reads are in stock per presentation at the comic shops, and if you’re not visiting Metro D.C. over Black Friday weekend and before the Holiday deadline, then check on your own locality’s nearby retailers.

This comic book-Examiner tosses his own recommendations into the variety.

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Batman is a total failure

Batman is a total failure

This would have been the third part of the breakdown of the new DC Universe titles, but after seeing the plethora of Batman-related titles coming, there’s only one conclusion to draw: Batman is a complete failure. Not a commercial one, obviously, or there wouldn’t be a plethora of Bat-titles. As far as that self-imposed mission to rid Gotham City of crime? Well, Bruce Wayne’s success rate is 0.0. Actually, that’s giving him too much credit. It’s more like -1000%. Crime in Gotham City has gotten tremendously worse now that The Bat “rules” the night. Back when Bruce made his vow, his parents were the victims of a simple back alley robbery gone bad. Now, the citizens of Gotham have to contend with homicidal clowns, juiced up muscle heads, human/animal hybrids, ninjas, masochistic serial killers, pyromaniacs, super powered gangsters and the list goes on. When Green Lantern Alan Scott operated out of Gotham in the ‘40s, crime sure didn’t escalate to this level. I guess people were more worried about World War II than poisoning the water supply to make smiley faced fish.

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Top 5 Green Lantern Questions Raised After Month 2 of DCnU

Top 5 Green Lantern Questions Raised After Month 2 of DCnU

We are two months in, and the new DCU has shown a lot of changes with new directions for many of our favorite Green Lantern characters. But of course we have no idea where they are going, and every issue tends to bring up questions that we as readers are left trying to answer for ourselves.

This list will ask some questions regarding the previous month’s installments, but unlike the first list it will not delve into the “old” continuity. Instead we’re going to look more towards the future and see if we can piece some things together.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

So let’s get started.

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Phoenix #0 – #4

Phoenix #0 – #4

PHOENIX, like WULF, is part of the revival of the 1970s comic line, Atlas Comics. This super hero title is co-written by Jim Krueger and Brendan Deneen with art by Ian and Guy Dorian (#0) and Dean Zachary (#1-4). Though it may star a super hero, PHOENIX is a full on science fiction adventure. Ed Tyler returned home to visit is ailing mother, only for the entire town to be abducted and experimented on by aliens. The procedures left Ed with amazing powers. Powers that increase every time he is killed and resurrected, hence the “Phoenix” name. Unlike most characters in super hero comics, however, Tyler’s come at a price and, if he’s not careful, rather than using them to thwart the oncoming alien invasion, he could become the very weapon that insures their victory.

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Webcomic Fried Chicken and Sushi: two great tastes bring a truly enjoyable read

Webcomic Fried Chicken and Sushi: two great tastes bring a truly enjoyable read

Webcomic Fried Chicken and Sushi: two great tastes bring a truly enjoyable read.  For many the concept of comic strips evokes a nostalgic reminiscence of the Sunday morning funnies in the local newspaper. Today, with the diminishing presence of news print, many comic strip creators are pioneering new ground and taking their stories into the digital frontier. One such individual is Khalid Birdsong, Mountain View CA based creator of the strip Fried Chicken and Sushi.

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Comic book cancellations

Comic book cancellations

Cancelled. It’s a word no one wants to hear, no matter what field you are in. Whether you are in television, radio or publishing, this single word can hold the emotional weight of hundreds if not thousands of people.

This week we have seen cancellations of three ongoing Marvel title: X-23, Ghost Rider and Black Panther. These are just the latest in the big publisher’s house cleaning plans which already saw the cancellations of Hercules, Alpha Flight, Iron Man 2.0 and two yet to be released mini-series: Victor Von Doom and the Destroyers.

Now the internet is buzzing over these recent cancellations and sites all over have been gathering information as to why. But isn’t it simple?

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Get yer swap on!

Get yer swap on!

Comic Swap is a grassroots method for fans to bring more attention to their favorite titles, especially those that are not selling well and could be in potential cancellation territory. The practice played its own small part in extending the life of the critically acclaimed, but sales deprived DC Comics title Manhunter by writer Marc Andreyko just a few years ago. Of course, reportedly having the support of current DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio didn’t hurt either.

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5 TV shows on comic book themes timed for remakes

5 TV shows on comic book themes timed for remakes

We’re all good and going green over an “Incredible Hulk” remake on television. The cogs of updates falling into place for multi-tasking developers Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick impression an in the making hit. Enough to key the notes from “The Incredible Hulk” replay of “The Lonely Man”, and that move was a sown remix homaging cues from the Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno 1977 to 1982 original.

Enough that allows space for obtuse amnesia to overgrow fairly recent snags of TV time’s “Bionic Woman” or film’s “The A-Team”. One and only central factor has been yielding revivals on yesteryear’s front running star makers; these shows were star makers. It would be a welcome twist if lightning would strike twice, but so far the manipulative components are bursting a misaiming circumvention, striking all grounds but on the cache imbeds.

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Cartoon Barbarians: Blackstar

Cartoon Barbarians: Blackstar

Back in the 80’s if you got sucked in to a black hole, came out the other side in a world that was like a tripped out mix of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ , your either in trouble or your John Blackstar.

Created by Filmations Associates this fantasy series aired from September 12 – December 5 in 1981.

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