Batman is a total failure

Batman is a total failure

This would have been the third part of the breakdown of the new DC Universe titles, but after seeing the plethora of Batman-related titles coming, there’s only one conclusion to draw: Batman is a complete failure. Not a commercial one, obviously, or there wouldn’t be a plethora of Bat-titles. As far as that self-imposed mission to rid Gotham City of crime? Well, Bruce Wayne’s success rate is 0.0. Actually, that’s giving him too much credit. It’s more like -1000%. Crime in Gotham City has gotten tremendously worse now that The Bat “rules” the night. Back when Bruce made his vow, his parents were the victims of a simple back alley robbery gone bad. Now, the citizens of Gotham have to contend with homicidal clowns, juiced up muscle heads, human/animal hybrids, ninjas, masochistic serial killers, pyromaniacs, super powered gangsters and the list goes on. When Green Lantern Alan Scott operated out of Gotham in the ‘40s, crime sure didn’t escalate to this level. I guess people were more worried about World War II than poisoning the water supply to make smiley faced fish.

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