CHEW Volumes 1-4

Chew Volumes 1-4

CHEW is about a guy with eating powers trying to solve a chicken conspiracy. Sounds ridiculous, right? Totally. And damn genius too. John Layman and Rob Guillory craft the smart and hilarious tale of Tony Chu (Get it? “Chu” is the star of CHEW. Friggin’ genius.). Chu was a Philadelphia police detective recruited to join the most powerful government agency in the world, The Food and Drug Administration, due to his ability to get psychic impressions from everything he eats (‘Cept beets ‘cause they’re boring, yo.). Now, your limited brain capacity has you thinking, “So what? He knows what a cow was thinking before it was led to the slaughterhouse. Big deal.” Well, that’s why no one’s writing a review of your genius. Someone is writing about Layman’s and Guillory’s though because they realize this can be applied to solving murders… by taking a taste of the victim. Luckily, Chu is dedicated enough to go all cannibal on these dudes to keep the rest of us safe at night.

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