Comic Stilettos out to create super identity for fashionista styles

One sample of Comic Stiletto out of Washington D.C. Credit: Shan Lachel

Comic Stilettos out to create super identity for fashionista styles

One to another, those compliments have peerless value. Especially the brief matters of fact compliments off a snapshot intake. How that “jacket fits you so well”. A summer dress “really, that style is stunning on you”. Above all, that platinum card of respects “Where can I get those?”.

Shan Lachel found a businees off the latter creme de la creme endorsement. Her shoes on one evening with freinds caught Washingtonian’s pique, and a slit second afterwards their praises.

Comic Stiletto will take their stylish footwear into the online reach come 2012, and has its base in the District where it began. Lachel embarks her brand of shoe fashion out an eternal adage of intuitive necessity and her own de facto creative facility. The DCist entrepeneur lets us get a showcase glimpse, via a series of email communique with DC Comic Books Examiner, at her upcoming line of shoes that blends style around sequential art and a sequence of versatile functionality.

The introductary viewing opens up a story that could premise a commercial, while disclosing how local fashion is about to implement a commercial enterprise with a heart on its sleeve … or a shoe’s outer lining.

Read More: click link here


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