Review: Red Lanterns #4

Credit: DC Comics

Review: Red Lanterns #4

The first three issues of Red Lanterns saw Atrocitus debate the reason of his existence, figure it out and then recruit Bleez to help with his mission of becoming the space punisher. So we are now ready to see this mission come to fruition right? Nope. We still have an issue to give us more panicky Atrocitus.

Snark aside, Red Lanterns has been the GL book that has frustrated me the most in the new 52. Simply the plot isn’t moving fast enough for my taste and this issue doesn’t move it along any further.

Issue 4 gives us Atrocitus doing his version of interrogation on his fellow Red Lanterns to see if a revolt is being planned. His methods are unorthodox (even for a Red Lantern), but Atrocitus’ pursuit of the truth would make for an interesting issue if that was what he was doing. He gets a little information from one Lantern and then dumps the three Red Lanterns on the cover into the same blood that gave Bleez her mind back. He then spends the rest of the issue being panicky. A thrill a minute.

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