Super Dinosaur Volume One

Credits: Jason Howard

Super Dinosaur Volume 1

SUPER DINOSAUR is the story of Derek Dynamo and his mutated T-Rex pal, Super Dinosaur. Together, with Derek’s father, Dr. Dynamo, they are the protectors of Inner-Earth, a previously unknown land at the center of the Earth. It is the home of dinosaurs and the powerful new element, Dynore. Using a harness built by the Dynamos and powered by Dynore, SD battles against Max Maximus and his horde of genetically altered dino-men. This All Ages series is co-created by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard [THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN (Not all ages)] and published by Image Comics.

Kirkman continues his winning formula from INVINCIBLE, THE WALKING DEAD and AW-M (again, none of which are All Ages) with this series.

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