Avengelyne #1 – 5

Credits: Owen Gieni

Avengelyne #1 – 5

AVENGELYNE is the story of a fallen angel cast down to Earth by God for questioning his love of humans. At the start of this current series, however, Avengelyne has already come to care for humanity and intends to leave this plane a better place than when she started her penance. Her efforts to do so generally entail decapitating a demon with a big ass sword. Much appreciated. Originally created by Rob Liefeld and model Cathy Christian; AVENGELYNE is written by Mark Poulton with art by Owen Gieni.

The opening arc, “Devil in the Flesh,” pits Avengelyne against the Red Dragon (you know, The Devil) after Avengelyne awakens in a stranger’s body. Once the plot is set up, one can guess how things will play out for the most part, but the story is effective in (re)establishing the cast and premise for both new and returning readers.

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