A look ahead: Vampire movies of 2012

Credits: Summit film

A look ahead: Vampire movies of 2012

2011 saw vampire movie hits such as Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, Fright Night, Priest and Dylan Dog. They were huge hits for the vampire fan. So what are the vampire movies that we can look forward to in 2012? Here is the five confirmed and a couple thta may be finished during the year.

First on January 20th, the fourth installment of the Underworld Series – New Dawn will premiere. It has been ten years since the second movie and Selene has been imprisoned. humans know about vampires and lycans and have a secret weapon. Will this one be a hit or typical humans fight vampire fight lycans movie? Lets hope that it will live up to the hype but I dont’ see Michael anywhere.

On May 11th the Tim Burton remake of Dark Shadows will hit the screen with original Dark Shadows fans holding their breathe and hoping that Burton and lead actor Johnny Depp doesn’t make this one too comedic.

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