The Year in Zombies: All that was undead in 2011

Credits: Jess d'Arbonne

The Year in Zombies: All the at was undead in 2011

2011 has come to an end, and so it’s time to reflect on all the zombies that made this year worth living for a zombiephile. With the undead making a comeback in pop culture, zombies were everywhere this year, from the silver screen to the literary world and even the hallowed halls of science. While we may never know what has made zombies so darn popular in 2011, we can take a moment to celebrate all the ways in which the undead made our lives better (or at least more fun).

So join me, gentle reader, as we review the year in zombies…

Zombie movie news

Far from getting bored of zombies after blockbuster comedies like 2009’s Zombieland, this year movie audiences clambored for more zombie goodness, and Hollywood obliged. Along with cameo zombie appearances in movies like Super 8Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Sucker Punch, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this year it was announced that there are several new zombie movies in the works, including Warm Bodies, Boneshaker, and of course World War Z, all of which are based on bestselling zombie novels. On top of that, there will soon be a movie based on the Dead Island video game trailer. Yes, you read that right.

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