Top 10 Green Lantern moments of 2011

Credits: DC Comics and Comic Vine

Top 10 Green Lantern moments of 2011

2011 was a year which saw plenty of moments and stories that took place in the books of the many GL books. From the end of Brightest Day to War of the Green Lanterns to a new status quo post Flashpoint.

But what moments made us laugh, excited and shocked. Continue below to find out.

10.) Fatality Takes out the New Guardians Alone

The Star Sapphires have been in the GL universe for awhile now, but with the inclusion of the other lantern corps they have fallen a little to the background. However, they have grown a loyal following who have asked for their own ongoing series for years. That hasn’t happened (yet) but in New Guardians, we get to see a Sapphire in a “starring” role.

Fatality was inducted into the Star Sapphires right before Blackest Night and her once vengeance-fueled anger has subsided. But that doesn’t mean you should take her lightly as evident in issue #2 where she takes out Bleez, Munk and Kyle Rayner pretty effortlessly.

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