Vampire Book Showcase: Mina – by Marie Kiraly

Credits: Marie Kiraly

Vampire Book Showcase: Mina – by Marie Kiraly

The showcase vampire book this week is Mina – The Dracula Story Continues by Marie Kiraly. It is a continuation of Mina’s tale from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Kiraly begins with Mina’s recollection of her seduction of the vampire- Dracula. She is detailed in her desire as well as her fight against her new animalistic desire for blood.

But the story does not simply stop at the death of Dracula. It follows her struggle to return to a normal life and her struggle with her love with Jonathan. The story reads of mystery, stormy affairs, as well as the intense struggle with Mina’s pull to the undead. The back story and connection of Stoker’s characters are developed in this second book. It leaves you at the edge of your seat. There are several twists and turns that the reader is not quite sure where they are going. In the end, the story has an open ending that leaves the reader hanging.

There are contradicting reviews for this book but most love the fresh story from the woman warrior- Mina.

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