For Hathaway: Catwoman has a bit of a Hedy (Lamarr) comeback

Credits: Warner Bros.

For Hathaway: Catwoman has a bit of a Hedy (Lamarr) comeback

Nothing arcs cooler than timeless. Premises being what they’ve been emerging, film’s Golden Era stand-out Hedy Lamarr has been the classic movie star involked twice within short months abridging a 2011s end and 2012s beginning. This latter calendar timing as a forte inspiration for Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of a comic book Batman’s foe fully femme fatale come to live action glam.

It imparts a heady Delorean future-past’s uptake.

When not in staunch counterpoint last year over her costume’s design, it seems she kept to the quiet confidence of minimal revelation under director Chris Nolan.

The upcoming Catwoman in the much anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises” discloses to The Los Angeles Times a bit of gleaning from the comics reading.

Hathaway, so it comes to be known, went as far back as the comic industry’s connotative big bang juncture that portals the Golden Age and Batman’s rising star in comics.

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