Sam Witwer reveals Frank Darabont’s aborted ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel story

Credits: AMCTVcom

Sam Witwer reveals Frank Darabont’s aborted ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel story

Ever since it was announced shortly after San Diego Comic-Con 2011 that Frank Darabont had been fired as The Walking Dead‘s showrunner, fans and critics alike have been waiting to see how the loss of Darabont would affect the show.

A brand new interview with Being Human star Sam Witwer has revealed at least one way in which losing Frank Darabont has been unfortunate for The Walking Dead. Being Human Examiner Acquanetta Ferguson reports that Witwer was slated to appear in a prequel story for The Walking Dead, which would depict the fall of Atlanta and the back story of the Tank Zombie from the TWD pilot episode, “Days Gone Bye.” According to Ferguson, the Tank Zombie prequel likely would have taken the form of a webseries, much like the Bicycle Girl TWD webseries Greg Nicotero directed this fall.

Witwer had a cameo in the TWD pilot as the Tank Zombie, the zombie that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) ended up shooting inside a tank in the middle of zombie-occupied Atlanta. According to Witwer’s interview with Paranormal Pop Culture, that cameo was supposed to lead to a prequel story about how the soldier who would become the Tank Zombie got infected, and how Rick got the grenade that saved the survivors from the CDC in the season one finale.

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