CW aims for a Green Arrow pilot

Credits: Scott McDaniel

CW aims for a Green Arrow pilot

TV’s most faithful audience favoring dynamic displays of supersonic speed or titanic powerhouses make up a glass half full watchfullness towards the next superpower to stand the breach made by the final bow of “Smallville” and downfall of “Wonder Woman”.

Many from the medium of comic books are blocking out their viewing schedules to make way for the oncoming “Powers” – which goes low radar on superheroes to follow the two detectives solving their less than samaritan affairs – in the same enthusiasm counting down the days a year gone by with “The Walking Dead”.

Cameos from “Smallville” left readily loyal viewers figuring a spinoff would be an easy concept to implement right away; that a longshot was at least a safer bet – unless the starring crime fighter was the longshot maestro already known as a phenom.

Showrunners Marc Guggenheim (“Law & Order”), Greg Berlanti (“Brothers & Sisters”) and Andrew Keisberg (“The Vampire Diaries”) are designing a pilot for the alter ego billionaire Oliver Queen reports Superherohype.

Yes, what the “Smallville” fandom has been speculating to be an heir apparent tv series in the Green Arrow is underway in the planning. Producers involved root at well-known or Emmy nominated shows, albeit outside the producers that built CW’s ten season mega-hit series.

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