Glory #23

Credits: Ross Campbell

Glory #23

If that image to the left doesn’t obliterate any preconceived notions you have of a new series starring Rob Liefeld’s Glory, then you don’t know what preconceived notions are. Joe Keatinge’s and Ross Campbell’s Glory would beat the ‘90s “Bad Girl” version of the character with her own bloody stump of an arm. And convince her she’s doing it for her own good. And if you keep looking at me like that for talking about Glory in 2012, she’ll do the same to you.

Alright, alright. Everybody just calm down. Things are getting way out of hand. GLORY #23 is the first issue in the Extreme Relaunch of the title (last published in 1997). However, this is essentially a #1 issue, marking a nice clean start for readers new and old. All you need to get started is right here. Glory was born of another realm to bring peace to two warring factions and to bring her fury down on whoever tries to break it. Tired of a life she didn’t choose, Glory makes her way to Earth to make her own path.

Much like this review, GLORY #23 starts off in your face, retelling Glory’s origin, with all blood, guts and, well, Glory. Then things slow down as Keatinge and Campbell set the stage to re-introduce Glory into modern times.

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