Review: Green Lantern #5

Credits: DC Comics

Review: Green Lantern #5

Issue five of the flagship Green Lantern book sees the conclusion of its first arc. Hal and Sinestro are up against thousands of Sinestro Corps members on Korugar. They are both being held captive with their rings depleting by the second. So how do they get out of this?

Well, Sinestro always has a plan.

And even though you may be going in already knowing the two lanterns will inevitably survive, it’s the journey that really makes this a worthwhile issue. Geoff Johns has shown he can master characters and the “human” element, even from non-human characters.

Warning, the rest of the review contains spoilers:

The first half of the book showcases the feelings of the Korugarians towards Sinestro as they try to wield their new rings. With not a lot of time or energy left in the rings, Sinestro enacts his escape plan to succession.

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