Batman: The Black Mirror

Credits: Jock, DC Comics

Batman: The Black Mirror

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock bring a renewed darkness to Gotham City in BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR. The hardcover collects the first several stories by Snyder featuring The Dark Knight, including the “Skeleton Cases” story that began as a backup feature starring GCPD Commissioner James Gordon. Throughout the course of the book, Dick Grayson struggles to establish roots in Gotham City, while, at the same time, dealing with a number of new entrants in the Gotham underworld. Snyder also introduces a new Gotham citizen, Gotham Global Modern Bank Founder, Sonia Branch, which Dick struggles to view clearly due to a connection to his past. One of the more impressive feats by Snyder is, not only does he fully introduce these characters in complete stories; he is able to set them up as return players in the Batbooks, adding even more depth to the mythos. And with the ever growing list of Bat-titles, the more the creators have to draw from, the less likely established adversaries are to be overexposed. Though, don’t worry, The Joker does make his presence felt. In a more secondary role, The Joker actually augments the threat of one of the new villains, establishing him as a viable foe early on.

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