Jurassic Strike Force Five #0 – 2

Credits: Julian Aguilera, Ivan Nunes

Jurassic Strike Force Five #0 – 2

JURASSIC STRIKE FORCE 5 is the first ongoing series from Zenescope Entertainment’s new all ages Silver Dragon Books line. The story was developed by Joe Brusha and written by Neo Edmund with art by JL Giles-Rivera. JSF5 is described by the publisher as a mix between The Transformers, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dinosaurs. Billed as “Earth’s Original Heroes,” the Strike Force must come out of a 100 million year hibernation after Lord Zalek and his Reptilians escape imprisonment, deep under Antarctica.
The influence of The Transformers is apparent from the formula of the series. Two opposing groups of long warring giants use Earth as their battleground. The heroes enlist the aid of two humans, a father and son. While the villains are on a hunt for resources in order to bring their ultimate plan to fruition. And, oddly enough, the one bad guy (or girl in this case) with the ability of flight is the one constantly making power plays within the group of would be world conquerors. And, though not entirely original, the formula does illustrate some of the potential for the concept, even after 2 issues. Side swapping, new dino warriors and long buried secrets are ripe for exploring right from the get go. The thought of which could quickly make readers into loyal fans.

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