‘The Walking Dead’ star Jon Bernthal endorses President Obama

Credits: AMCTV.com

‘The Walking Dead’ star Jon Bernthal endorses President Obama

… as the presidential candidate with the best chance of survival in the zombie apocalypse.

In a recent interview with GQ, Jon Bernthal––who plays the morally ambiguous bad-ass Shane Walsh on AMC’s zombie drama (zom-dram?) The Walking Dead––said that when the dead rise to feast on the living, he’d want President Obama on his team.

GQ: Hey, Jon Bernthal! You play the darkest hearted survivor on The Walking Dead. In a real life zombie apocalypse, which presidential candidate would you want on your team?

Jon Bernthal: I guess Newt… No, shit man. I have to say Barack. He’s all inspired and would keep everyone doing their best. He’d give unbelievably inspirational speeches. Plus, he’s an athlete. Yeah, definitely Obama.

Well there you have it.

And Bernthal makes an excellent point: One must never underestimate the power of motivational speaking in an undead world. Who knows what Obama’s rousing speeches could accomplish in a world where the dead have cannibalized the living and the only hope to be found is in a dented can of Spam that might not be expired yet.

In that kind of environment, a leader who could inspire bedraggled survivors to not only survive, but live, would be worth his weight in bottled water and ammunition.

We should probably make some kind of statement here about how a candidate’s potential usefulness in a zombie survival scenario doesn’t necessarily equate to their success as Commander-in-Chief. But we won’t. Because we here at Zombie Examiner central firmly believe in making all major life decisions based on how they will affect our future survival in a zombified world.

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