Buffy, Dark Shadows, True Blood, Scooby ladies are named Hottest Women in Horror

Credits: HBO.com

Buffy, Dark Shadows, True Blood, Scooby ladies are named Hottest Women in Horror

Complex, Pop Culture website just listed their 25 Hottest Women in Horror and the list includes several vampire or vampire slayers from True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Shadows, and the animated Scooby Doo.

Number 20 on the list is Daphne Blake from Scaooby Doo. The sexy animated crime solver came across vampires several times throughout her many years and transitions, the best being Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire.

Next at number 19 is Sarah Michelle Gellar who played Buffy Summers in both Buffy the Vampire Layer and Angel. She started young with her fighting vampires while in high school and continued until the fall of the hellmouth in the final episode. She still ives though through the magic of her comic book series.

Number 15 brings us to Anna Paquin, the telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie lives in Bon Temos, LA and was thrown into the supernatural world when she met Vampire Bill the first first episode of HBO’s vampire hit, True Blood.

Number nine brings us back to Buffy and the newt and sometimes better vampire slayer, Faith, played by Eliza Dusku. Faith shook Buffy’s world up and at times shook it on the spin off show, Angel.

The second True Blood hottie is a new addition but she has taken the show by storm, Janina Gavankar, plays the hot shape shifter, Luna. Luna has become the love interest of Sam this season and has helped him embrace his wild side.

At number three is the classic beauty, Nancy Barnett is here and not fogotten. The beautiful actress played Carolyn on Dark Shadows. She was the youth of the show and helped bring in young viewers. Her character, Carolyn will be played by Chloe Mertz in the new film by Tim Burton.

The top vampire sexy horror actress hits the number two spot, True Blood’s Jessica, the baby vamp claims that spot. Deborah Ann Woll, plays Jessica, the red headed hottie who whas sired by Bill Compton has the second spot of the horrors hotties. She definitely has spunk and has shaken both Bill, Hoyt’s and Jason’s world these past four seasons.

So, who do you think should have been added to this list. Please comment below.

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