Review: Green Lantern New Guardians #6

Credits: DC Comics

Review: Green Lantern New Guardians #6

After five issues, the New Guardians are finally ready to fight their first threat as a team. Unfortunately the members are scattered across a ship the size of a solar system as their enemy descends upon them. Can Kyle pull them all together?

Well…yes and no.

First off, issue #6 is pure action. If you are looking for witty banter between teammates while building the team as a whole, then this is not the issue for you. It’s a shame because writer Tony Bedard has used the first five issues to give each member their own voice and setup the team dynamic to great success. However, besides the interaction between Kyle and Glomulus (who I am loving with each issue) the story does not feel like a “team” book.

The big bad, Invictus, has finally arrived and with the team scattered he begins taking each member down one at a time. Now Invictus, in this issue at least, is a one-note “villain”. He is interesting and strong enough to be a formidable baddie in this book, but the small problem is with the titular team.

Bedard uses this issue to showcase Invictus, but what of the New Guardians? Besides Arkillo, none of the others get a time to shine. There is little interaction between the members, which is replaced by Invictus preaching about how he is the good guy and the ring slingers are not.

Everything else about the book was good as Bedard’s character voices are strong. They are consistent with the earlier issues and the action was choreographed well. This is helped by Tyler Kirkham’s art which gives a vastness to the fights. The larger panels are really detailed and show the attacks of Invictus to be overwhelming. The colors are vibrant compared to the dark backgrounds of the battlefield which helps this action-filled book.

Ultimately, issue #6 was a good read. What kept it from being great was the lack of interactions between the members, and in a team book is a major flaw. Perhaps when the arc is over the issue will read better, but as it stands it was missing something.

Continue reading this title as seeds are planted in this issue, like Larfleeze’s connection to Invictus and the return of a team member, which have me awaiting next month’s edition. Despite this setback, Green Lantern New Guardians is still a great team book. Hopefully issue #7 will get to being just that.

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