True Blood comic to become a monthly series

Credits: IDW Publishing

True Blood comic to become a monthly series

IDW has decided to turn the True Blood comic miniseries into a monthly comic series starting this May.

IDW teamed up with HBO in 2010 to launch the first True Blood comic series. The first series was 6 issues and was followed by the Tainted Love series that also had six issues. IDW recently completed the French Quarter series and because it was so popular they have decided to extend it into a monthly comic series.

The comics don’t follow the show exactly but really supplements it in allowing the writers to add to Alan Ball and subsequently Charlaine Harris’ world.

True Blood is HBO’s hit vampire show that runs from the end of June til the middle of September each year. The fifth season will start around the same time and has been teased to be the return of Russell Edgington.

The first cover of the monthly comic series is posted to the right and is courtesy of IDW’s promotional release. It shows Eric, Sookie, and Bill, the main characters of the show on the front covers.

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