Cast finalized for movie remake of ‘Evil Dead’

Credits: New Line Cinema

Cast finalized for movie remake of ‘Evil Dead’

After it was confirmed by god-among-zombiephiles Bruce Campbell that a remake of the original The Evil Dead was moving forward, only one question remained: Who would be cast to reinvent Campbell’s iconic role as Ash?

Well ponder no more, for the entire principal cast has been announced for Sam Raimi’s highly-anticipated remake. And in the lead we have Jane Levy as Mia. That’s her over in the slideshow.

Yes, you read that right: The remake of The Evil Dead will star a gender-swapped version of Bruce Campbell’s Ash in the form of a young woman named Mia played by Jane Levy. Levy currently stars in Suburgatory. So far this news has had two reactions:

1) Cool! Nice to see they’re trying for a complete reinvention of the original premise. It’ll be interesting to see what Levy does with the role.


We here at Denver Zombie Examiner headquarters are of the former opinion, seeing as how gender-swapping can be kind of neat and there needs to be more awesome, funny women in horror. So as far as we’re concerned, Levy has our blessing to star in The Evil Dead remake. But we’re not so naive as to think that those who are quick to cry “You’re ruining the original!” won’t have their say.

Also announced in the principle cast are Shiloh Fernandez, Natalie Blackmoor, Jessica Lucas, and Lou Taylor Pucci.

The five play a group of twenty-somethings who head out to a cabin in the woods (with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods coming out next month, that particular horror trope will be on everyone’s minds) to help their friend battle an addiction. One thing leads to another and one of the idiot kids finds and reads from the Book of the Dead, unleashing a horde of demons lying dormant in the woods to attack and possess all of them until only one (Mia) is left standing.

Sounds familiar, yet awesome.

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2 thoughts on “Cast finalized for movie remake of ‘Evil Dead’

  1. My opinion is, they can do what they want. If they make a great movie, then we all win. If the movie sucks, people will find a hundred reasons to blame the failure on. I give anyone credit for taking things in a new direction. It’s a risk but so few companies (especially movie studios) take risks these days that I’ll applaud it, even if I may not agree with the idea.

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