Liber Distro joins Free Comic Book Day

Credits: 215Ink, FUBAR Press, Liber Comic Distributor

Liber Distro joins Free Comic Book Day

UPDATE 03/23/12: Liber Distro has successfully raised enough funds to double their initial planned output for their Free Comic Book Day. They have raised $2,939 with 8 days remaining to contribute. Additionally, 215Ink will be opening its entire digital comics catalog on Free Comic Book Day only, May 5th, for free.

Philadelphia – Liber Comic Distributor, which officially opened its doors late last year, is looking to make a presence for themselves at this year’s Free Comic Book Day on May 5th.

The company started a Kickstarter campaign on Friday to raise funds to send out their FCBD packages to participating retailers. Liber exceeded its initial goal of $1200 in less than a day and is already making plans for those additional funds.

Retailers can recieve a Liber FCBD package by creating an account on the company’s website. They will then receive the comics free of charge; they won’t even have to pay shipping. This is a key difference from Diamond Comic Distributor’s FCBD books, which retailers do pay the shipping, even though the comics are otherwise free. Participating publishers in Liber’s FCBD include the local companies 215Ink and FUBAR Press.

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised $2,140, as of this writing, with 12 days left to contribute. At $2600, Liber will be able to double its output: 2,000 comics to over 50 different retailers. Later today, Liber will announce new rewards for contributing to the campaign. Rewards already include comics, art prints and other assorted goodies.

Liber distributed comics can be purchased at Philadelphia area comic book stores, including Capes & Cowls Comics and Collectibles in Bensalem, PA. To find a shop near you go to

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