DC Comics New 52 redefining Aquaman

Credits: Cover by Ivan Reis

DC Comics New 52 redefining Aquaman

DC Comics New 52 redefining Aquaman. Ask anyone who has a passing knowledge of comics their opinion of Aquaman (created by Paul Norris) and normally between bouts of laughter you’ll be able to make out something about “he’s the guy who talks to fish”.  Then if you were to ask said comic fan if he would ever consider putting down his hard earned dollars to read a book centered on said hero, everyone in the room would stop laughing and the level of malice surrounding the given “No” would be staggering. But fear not comic fan, today is a new day and I am here with a reccomendation! With DC’s New 52 and the creative team of Geoff Johns (writer), Ivan Reis(penciler), Joe Prado (inker), Rod Reis (colorist), Nick Napolitano (letterer), Sean Mackiewicz (asst. editor) and Pat McCallum (editor) the hero is poised to make you stop laughing and start paying attention.  52 is probably one of the best things that could have happened for this title’s hero.  Seven issues into the companies run on the reboot the team has managed to make  Aquaman compelling and give the world that he inhabits the majesty, mystery and magnitude deserving of someone who can survive the rigors of the deepest parts of the Earth’s oceans.  This should come as no surprise as Geoff Johns has a proven record of coming up with some of DC’s most creative work (check out his run on Green Lantern in 2011). Along with the layered writing the incredible art of Ivan Reis makes this a title that I wish came out twice a month. For those looking to find a new superhero comic to follow, check out this new spin on an old classic character, the action continues to pick up and it looks like it is going to be an incredible ride to whatever Geoff Johns and team have in store. Aquaman #8 hits stands April 25th.

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