‘The Hunger Games’ hangs onto #3 box office spot amid ‘The Avengers’ opening

‘The Hunger Games’ hangs onto #3 box office spot amid ‘The Avengers’ opening

Now in its seventh week in release, The Hunger Games movie is holding onto the number three spot at the box office — though its numbers are meager compared to the record-smashing debut of The Avengers this past weekend.

The Hunger Games caught the eyes of box office analysts and Hollywood big-wigs when it debuted to $152.3 million in its opening weekend — the highest-ever for a spring release, and at the time the biggest movie of 2012. That title now gets passed to The Avengers, which opened with $207.4 million — the biggest opening weekend ever (beating out the previous record-holder, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2).

In its seventh weekend box office, The Hunger Games pulled in another $5.6 million — bringing its domestic box office total to $380.6 million. This weekend’s haul was small, but it’s significant that after almost two months, the film is still one of the top three movies at the box office.

The success of The Hunger Games was so huge, in fact, that publisher Scholastic boosted its profit forecast for the year. The success of the movie has had a huge impact on related book sales, with over 36.5 million copies now in print in the U.S. (and that’s not counting various movie tie-in books).

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