‘Vampire Diaries’ season three recap with slideshow

Credits: CW

‘Vampire Diaries’ season three recap with slideshow

Last night, the season three finale of the “Vampire Diaries” aired and boy did it have a lot of surprises for the viewers. But, one could say that the entire season was packed full of action and romance.

The love triangles and romances were intense- Elena and Stefan, Elena and Damon, Rebekkah and Damon, Caroline and Tyler, Klaus and Caroline, and Jeremy and Bonnie.

The switching of enemies to allies to enemies and back again was confusing. There was more backstabbing in one episode than there is in most other shows in a season. Klaus was bad, then you began to like him and then well he dies. Rebekkah was hated then got close to Elena and she almost seemed human. She then turned again and got hurt by Damon and then tried to kill Elena. She will definitely be ousted this next season, at least for a little while.

Elijah changed his allegiance by going back and forth with hating his brother and then wanting to help again.

But, I think the big bad of the season that was so sad was Alric. Alric was the only adult that Elena and Jeremy had to turn to and then he turned evil and then into a vampire and hunter. It seems as if there is no one that Elena can trust not even Stefan.

It seemed that this season Damon, who is always viewed as bad, came out the cleanest this season.

Season three was the most intense and the best yet. No one was safe and that is why viewers love the show. 

Well, enjoy the slideshow of the pictures from season three and comment on your favorite.

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