Vampires in television include Barnabas, Angel, Spike, Henry, Aidan and more

Credits: Dark Shadows promotional picture

Vampires in television include Barnabas, Angel, Spike, Henry, Aidan and more

Vampires in television began in the late sixties with the introduction of Barnabas Collins in “Dark Shadows”. He entertained and introduced many television viewers to the world of the vampire. 

The slideshow to the left shows vampires from various television shows that has spanned approximately forty five years.

View slideshow: Vampires in television

These include private investigation shows like “Forever Knight” and “Moonlight” as well as “Kindred: The Embraced”, the show based on the White Wolf role playing game titled, “Vampire: The Masquerade.”

But, in the 1990’s, the success of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” created a spin off show, “Angel”. These two shows recreated the vampire to be both scary as a vampire and sexy as a human. It introduced a new generation to vampires. 

Unfortunately, one of the best but short lived vampire show was ” Blood Ties” based on the Tanya Huff book series. Henry Fitzroy was the sexy vampire that was the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII. It was a short lived two season show on Lifetime and was overlooked by many vampire fans due to the lack of advertising.

But, recently vampires have seen their popularity grow on television due to the success of current shows “True Blood”, “The Vampire Diaries”, SyFy’s “Being Human”, and BBC’s “Being Human.” 

Please enjoy the slideshow to the left and not that these do not include children of family shows such as “The Munsters” or “The Addams Family”. These will be showcased in the next slideshow article titled, “Vampires for children”. 

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