‘Dark Shadows’ was a fresh take on a cult classic

Credits: Warner Bros. movie promo

‘Dark Shadows’ was a fresh take on a cult classic

Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” hit the theaters this weekend and even though it couldn’t knock “The Avengers” from their top spot, it still did well in the box office.

“Dark Shadows” was a refreshing look at the 1960’s cult classic. Burton did well with showing the history of Barnabas Collins and the curse from the witch Angelique. He introduced the first meeting of Barnabas and Angelique, as a simple glimpse and interest of two children in different social circles. The look between the two characters easily shows the passion that the two would have as adults.

The human life of Barnabas was interesting. It showed Barnabas as a ladies man who threw away women’s hearts like the daily trash. It was a very good background story to Barnabas curse and showed that he had a lot to learn.

Barnabas as a vampire was great. He actually drank blood and killed people, a refershing idea for vampire movies today. He had blood on his face, he compelled people, and he sought vengeance when he needed it. He was a monster but also a monster that did love, as true to the story of “Dracula”.

The movie was funny as well. Barnabas’ encounters with the future people and gadgets were some of the funniest scenes in the movie. But, my most favorite was his time around the camp fire with the hippies. It started out as funny and even deeply emotional but ended violently, a perfect mix just like the movie.

The soundtrack was great. The sex scenes were perfect. The interaction between the Collins and Barnabas was wonderful. We all know that Burton tells a good story but doesn’t go into depth so no one should be surprised that the character weren’t extremely deep.

But, my favorite character was Caroline. I do hope that in the sequel that they will show more of her. According to the last screen shot, the psychiatrist may be Barnabas next love stricken vixen.

I highly recommend this movie if you love action, romance, and comedy all rolled into one.

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