‘Redemption’ book seven of ‘The Royal Blood Chronicles’ to be released June 6

Credits: courtesy of author Elizabeth Loraine

‘Redemption’ book seven of ‘The Royal Blood Chronicles’ to be released June 6

On June 6, bestselling author Elizabeth Loraine will be releasing “Redemption” book seven of her young adult vampire series, “The Royal Blood Chronicles.”

“Redemption” picks up where “Legacy” ended with Katrina and Damien finding out that their sons live and that they have been betrayed by those they loved most in the world. They and the Protectors set out to make sure no one will ever threaten their children again.


Quinn, Eric, Thomas and Liridon are left alone with no way to find any of them thanks to Tao. It was then they realized everything they believed was wrong. Now anyone that knows the truth about what happened is in danger. It seems there are those that would keep the secret, and they will do anything to keep the Five from knowing the entire truth.

They are now faced with being shunned by the vampire council and question their need to protect the world. Will they turn their back on them? There is a truth that is yet to be revealed and will change everything that the Protectors ever believed to be true.

“Redemption” and the other books in the “Royal Blood Chronicles” series are available here.

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