The Sasquatch smashes into ‘Deadhorse’

Credits: Phil Sloan

The Sasquatch smashes into ‘Deadhorse’

Deadhorse #2 continues William Pike’s search for answers regarding a mysterious key delivered to him from his long thought dead father. The issue features story and letters by Eric Grissom, art and cover by Phil Sloan and colors by David Halverson. Deadhorse is published by Philadelphia’s 215Ink and distributed by Liber Comic Distributor.

The review for Deadhorse #1 mentions a lack of plot progression with a hope of more in the next issue. Readers will have to wait for more clues about the key as #2 focuses on introducing a number of new players. Most of who have serious daddy issues. Additionally, Charles Gadsworth, Pike’s father’s former employer, continues his pursuit of William and the key. In his latest attempt, Gadsworth unleashes The Sasquatch, a hit man in a giant ape suit. Easily, the highlight of the series so far.

View slideshow:Deadhorse #2 Preview

Grissom and Sloan continue to pack a lot into each issue, sometimes at the expense of clarity, but, as this roller coaster ticks its way to the top of the track, there is potential for a significant pay off once all parties converge on Deadhorse, Alaska. One thing is clear from the density of the story and art and that is Grissom and Sloan have put considerable time and effort into developing this tale and that is always to be commended. Check out the slideshow to see a sample.

Deadhorse #2 will be available June 13th and currently available for pre-order. Comic shops may place orders through Liber Comic Distributor. Readers may place direct mail orders with 215Ink. To find a comic book store near you, go to Deadhorse #2 is available now, digitally, on the 215Ink iPad App.

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