Graphic novel summer reading for summer 2012 part 2

Graphic novel summer reading for summer 2012 part 2

Graphic novel recommendations for summer reading 2012 part 2. During the summer months when many find themselves on vacation or traveling, fun reading material provides for a great way to escape from the cares of the work-a-day. Part 1 of our summer recommendation list saw two superhero epic storylines, a futuristic war melodrama, and a great children’s adventure. With part 2 we bring you four great action titles to consider.

DC Comics Showcase Presents: Doc Savage TPB
Many of the comic book traditions have their roots firmly planted in the print media referred to as Pulp (because of the paper stock they were printed on). Characters such as The Spider, The Shadow and Doc Savage (just to name a few) all enjoyed tremendous popularity during this period. This recommendation tips the scales with a whopping 448 page count and is sure to please fans of old school, two fisted pulp style story telling. Featuring the classic hero Doc Savage this collection brings together his 1970’s black and white magazine adventures with art by industry great Roger Kastel.

DC Comics Tom Strong Deluxe Ed HC Book 1
Industry legend Alan Moore (creator of such works as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) takes a page from the influence of Doc Savage and creates his own science hero Tom Strong. This edition collects issues #1-12 of the original series and includes illustrated contributions from a slew of artist. Among them: Al Gordon, Arthur Adams, Jerry Ordway and Chris Sprouse.

Dark Horse Comics Fear Agent TPB Vol. 1: Re-Ignition
Collecting issues #1-4 of the Fear Agent series, volume chronicles the events that pull a hard drinking space ranger back into the role of defending Earth and the space ways from interstellar nemeses. This great sci-fi series created by critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender (Sea of Red; Stranger Girl) and drawn by Eisner nominated artist Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) evokes shades of Flash Gordon and has its fair share of dark humor to boot. This is definitely one to consider placing at the top of your “to read” list.

Image Comics Godland TPB Vol. 1: Hello Cosmic
For comic book fans, Jack (The King) Kirby is considered one of the greatest innovators who created many of today’s most iconic heroes. His visual style and storytelling influenced countless other creators of his day as well as those that were to come after him. With Godland not only is homage paid to this industry great with the incredible art, but also in terms of the crafted story and presentation. This super hero/sci-fi action adventure title collects issues #1-6 of the series. If you really want to stretch your imagination and have a good time doing it or happened to be a Kirby fan who loves new material that mirrors his style, this is one that you must read. Creative team: Joe Casey, Tom Scioli, Bill Crabtree, and Richard Starkings.

Stay tuned for part 3 of summer recommendations packed with more great titles.

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