‘Harbinger’ starts road to redemption

Credits: Arturo Lozzi

‘Harbinger’ starts road to redemption

The second title of Valiant Comics‘ relaunch, Harbinger #1, hits stores this Wednesday. Focusing on humans born with extraordinary abilities as they struggle to cope with them and the world around them, Harbinger features story by Joshua Dysart with art by Khari Evans and colors from Ian Hannin.

Peter Stanchek is on a slippery slope. After years of institutionalization and on the run, he is desperate to find an anchor for his sanity, as his uncontrollable mental powers push him closer to the edge. The lines of right and wrong are easily blurred if it means a momentary break from the voices in his head or excape from those pursuing him. When Peter makes his last attempt to rekindle one of the few good moments of his past and is rejected, he crosses a line there may be no coming back from. Enter Toyo Harada. Another psiot (as Harada calls those with active mental abilities), Toyo has learned to control his abilities and offers to help Peter.

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Harbinger is a tale of redemption as Peter has committed the ultimate invasion upon another human being. Dusart does a tremendous job of portraying Stanchek as a good person driven to desperation and the art is executed masterfully by Evans and Hannin. Valiant Comics is off to a great start with their second ongoing title.

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