‘Vampire Diaries’ writer talks about roles of Bonnie and Klaus

Credits: CW promo

Vampire Diaries’ writer talks about roles of Bonnie and Klaus

On Tuesday, Julie Plec, the writer for CW’s supernatural show, “Vampire Diaries” discusses the future of two secondary characters, Bonnie and Klaus with TVLine.com.

First, she stated that she felt like Bonnie was the hero of the season finale because she came up with a plan that actually worked and saved all of the main character’s lives, well in so many words.

It was her plan to have Klaus inhabit Tyler’s body so that the heroes could survive. She really kicked up her powers and took charge. Damon has said in previous episodes that their plans never work out because Elena seems to screw them up well Bonnie took charge and fixed everything for everyone.

Plec called Bonnie “the shows true hero” because she actually came up with a plan for once that worked as it should be.

But, what about Klaus and his part in this. Well, Plec had said that they had planned on killing him off in the finale but that the viewers really liked the character so they decided to keep him alive, in some form.

But, what does this mean for Klaus next season? Well Tyler will be playing part of Klaus’ parts because Klaus is inside Tyler’s body.

Plec says that Klaus will play a major part in season four and that a lot of it will center on Rebekkah and Tyler.

What are you watching instead of “Vampire Diaries”? What is quenching your thirst?

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