‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ succeeds in connecting history with fiction

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‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ succeeds in connecting history with fiction

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” succeeds in connecting history with mythology. Being that I am both an historian and a vampirologist I have to say that I found this movie a unique and fresh story of both history and mythology.

The author Seth Grahame-Smith, the screenwriter of the movie as well as the author of the book with the same title, has succeed in researching and keeping as close to history as possible.

The death of Abe’s mother was one note in history that Smith wrote into the movie that worked wonderfully. In reality, Nancy died of milk consumption, a disease that caused the body to become really pale and resemble a vampire. In the movie, Nancy was killed by a vampire.

Other examples of course included the connection to the south and slavery. The idea of slaves being brought here as food for vampires to satiate them and to keep them in one area was unique if anything. It really paralleled the atrocities and horrors of slavery and the idea that not just African Americans but all men were to be slaves to these monsters.

Other than the interest of historical facts and events, the resurrection of traditional vampires back to the movie screen. Smith delivered a story of vampires that really connected with traditional vampire. They were brutal, blood thirsty, power hungry, and powerful- what a true vampire is.

But, of course he did add the vampire who hated who he was and wanted redemption. Henry was a mixture of a character that you hated, felt sorry for, and distrusted from the beginning.

I loved that they played Mary Todd as a strong female who could not only read Lincoln but also be strong and passionate not whiny and weak.

Lincoln was portrayed very much like I thought he would be. He was very straight forward and focused on his job either as a hunter or a president. They did show his connection to family and love but did not portray him as too much one way or the other. He is who he is and that is it and this is what made this portrayal a success.

The movie was full of emotions, passion, action, and blood. It is a must see for any vampire lover. It is a movie that will not disappoint those that have been waiting for a traditional vampire story to return to the movie screen.

And for disclosure this was not the 3 D version. I refuse to watch cheap gimmicks such as that.

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