‘Bloodshot’ marks three in a row for Valiant Comics

Credits: Arturi Lozzi, Valiant Comics

‘Bloodshot’ marks three in a row for Valiant Comics

Bloodshot #1 is published by Valiant for release in February 1993, written by Kevin V… No. Wait. That’s not right. Bloodshot #1 from Acclaim Comics is due in stores July 1997… What? No. What’s going on here? Okay, head’s clearing. Back on track: The Summer of Valiant continues with Bloodshot #1 from Valiant Comics. The third series in Valiant’s relaunch is written by Philadelphia native Duane Swierczynski, pencils by Manuel Garcia with Arturo Lozzi and inks by Stefano Gaudiano.

If you thought that first paragraph was confusing, imagine that goes on in your head all the time. That’s Bloodshot’s life… lives… whatever. Bloodshot is the lead agent of the covert military department, Project Rising Spirit. The nanotechnology coursing through his body gives Bloodshot superhuman abilities. It allows him to survive in extreme conditions, heal from catastrophic injuries, morph his physical appearance and control technology. The nanites also allow the Project to program any life into Bloodshot’s head, whatever scenario necessary to motivate Bloodshot to take on the most dangerous of missions. But how long can Project Rising Spirit manipulate Bloodshot without consequences?

Valiant, Swierczynski and the rest of the team have developed a perfect first issue. The inside front cover provides a breakdown of Bloodshot’s nanites and the abilities they grant him, so readers don’t have to spend issues figuring out just what Bloodshot can do. Not only is Bloodshot a compelling concept in itself, but the story here is a fast moving one with a start and finish. A rarity in today’s comics. And while there is a complete story, Swierczynski fills it with enough hints of the future to have readers wanting more. Garcia’s action is intense and graphic and there’s plenty of it. Lozzi’s depiction of Ray’s (aka Bloodshot’s) life is an excellent touch

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