‘Deadhorse’ gets moving

Credits: Phil Sloan

‘Deadhorse’ gets moving

The first arc of Deadhorse continues on July 11th with the third issue featuring story and letters by Eric Grissom, art and cover by Phil Sloan and colors by David Halverson. Deadhorse is published by Philadelphia’s 215Ink and distributed by Liber Comic Distributor.

Deadhorse #3 picks up the pace over the previous two issues. Readers are treated to some nice action courtesy of hired goon, The Sasquatch. In addition, fans will get more of the back story behind the mysterious key William Pike now possesses, as well as how it may be connected to his father’s death. The main cast itself comes together as William, Elise and Edgar coincidentally find themselves all on the same path to Deadhorse, Alaska. Readers are also treated to a little insight into the life of The Sasquatch and, really, what more can one ask?

View slideshow:Deadhorse #3 Preview

Grissom’s scripts continue to improve as the offbeat dialogue becomes more fluid within the story. Even in issues where the plot does not move forward a great deal, there is still plenty within the pages, whether it’s comedic asides or character background. Sloan proves he can handle action as well as the more subtle scenes with this issue.

Deadhorse #3 arrives in stores July 11th and is currently available for pre-order. Comic shops may place orders through Liber Comic Distributor. Readers may place direct mail orders with 215Ink. To find a comic book store near you, go to www.comicshoplocator.com. Deadhorse #3 will also be available digitally on various platforms, including the 215Ink iPad App.

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