New season 2 zombie photos from ‘The Walking Dead’


New season 2 zombie photos from ‘The Walking Dead’

Just in time for “The Walking Dead“‘s season three preview weekend, AMC has released some stunning new photos of zombies from the second season.

The photos show several of our favorite walkers from season two, including the zombie who pushed his face through the glass of a car windshield to get at Lori, the zombie who brought Dale to his untimely demise, and one of the many zombies who brought an end to poor Jimmy in the RV (don’t worry, no one else remembers Jimmy either).

Looking at the pictures of walkers can make fans a bit nostalgic for the days of zombie attacks on Hershel’s farm, but from the looks of other preview photos, we’ve got plenty of zombie gore and violence coming up in season three to keep us satisfied.

This weekend “The Walking Dead” fans can watch a marathon of the first two seasons of the show, along with previews of the new season. Tune in to AMC at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday for a zombie retrospective on “The Walking Dead” so far

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