Look for the ‘Hunger Games’ freebies at San Diego Comic Con

Credits: Smart Pop Books

Look for the ‘Hunger Games’ freebies at San Diego Comic Con

The team behind Smart Pop Books is heading to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) next month, and besides featuring they’re latest new and upcoming titles, they’ll also be giving away The Hunger Games freebies.

Smart Pop Books will be found at booth #4300 in the SDCC exhibit hall during Comic Con on July 12-15, 2012. Among the freebies they’ll be handing out will be their preview volume, which includes a new excerpt from V. Arrow’s The Panem Companion.

Smart Pop will also be handing out free Panem Companion postcards, featuring a first look at the book’s illustrated map of Panem. (The full map will be published in The Panem Companion, which will be released in December.)

Learn more about what to expect from Smart Pop Books at SDCC here.

The Panem Companion is described as a companion to the world of The Hunger Games. Besides including the illustrated map of Panem, the book will include the etymologies of character names, and a look at how Panem could have evolved from present-day America.

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