‘Twilight’ fan struck by car and killed crossing road at San Diego Comic Con

Credits: SDCC promo logo

‘Twilight’ fan struck by car and killed crossing road at San Diego Comic Con

According to the New York Daily News, 53 year old “Twilight” fan, Gisela Gagliardi was struck down and killed this morning as she attempted to cross the highway to return to the convention center that is hosting the San Diego Comic Con.

Gisela is from Kingston, NY and had went to San Diego with a group of other “Twilight” fans last weekend. She began standing in line on Sunday and had taken a break to go across the street. She then noticed that event organizers were moving the line and thus her group of friends, she ran across the road, against the light and was struck.

One report said that she was hit but others have said that she stumbled and fell “into” a Subaru Outback. There is no official word at this time.

She was struck in the head and unconscious when the medics arrived. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The man driving the Subaru was identified as a 67 year old man from the area. He is not being charged with any wrong doing.

San Diego Comic Con is the largest convention of its kind. There were approximately 250,000 attendees to this yearly event that showcases comics, movies, games, television, and much more.

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