‘The Walking Dead’ zombie obstacle course at Comic-Con

Credits: AMCTV.com

‘The Walking Dead’ zombiee obstacle course at Comic-Con

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and San Diego Comic-Con 2012 are teaming up to give zombiephiles the time of their lives*: A zombie apocalypse.

No, we’re not talking about the annual and amazing San Diego Zombie Walk. “The Walking Dead” has actually created a zombie obstacle course on-site at Comic-Con, in which would-be zombiepocalypse survivors can run, dodge, and jump their way free of a horde of zombies.

The Walking Dead Escape, as the interactive obstacle course is called, will take place at Petco Park in San Diego. You can try your luck at surviving the zombie apocalypse for $75, or you can spectate for $15. Waves of the undead will sweep through the obstacle course every twenty minutes, so it’s up to you to move fast and stay alive.

But what if you’d rather be the scourge of humanity than its last scion? No problem. Before you attempt to survive, you can be one of the horde that chases other would-be survivors through the course. The rules are simple: No weapons of any kind, no biting, and run for your zombie-loving life. After all, this is only practice… right?

So if you get a little tired of the Comic-Con exhibit hall, all the glorious “The Walking Dead” panels and events, or just the monotony of your safe and secure human life, get your Rick Grimes on at The Walking Dead Escape.

*We fully realize that “the time of your life” has a completely different meaning to a zombiephile than it does to a normal human being.

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