Z World Detroit: Turning abandoned city into a zombie theme park

Credits: Z World Detroit

Z World Detroit: Turning abandoned city into a zombie theme park

Detroit doesn’t have a lot going for it these days. Despite the auto industry boom of last century, Eminem, and plenty of good people who still call Detroit their home, the city is rapidly becoming a ghost town, with whole neighborhoods abandoned and crumbling into disrepair. It looks almost… apocalyptic.

Which is why it’s the perfect place to set an interactive zombie apocalypse playground. Enter Z World Detroit.

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Think about it as a large-scale, overnight game of Humans vs. Zombies (the zombie drill popular on college campuses), set in an abandoned section of Detroit. Teams of players will have to run for their lives from an ever-expanding group of zombies, find shelter and supplies, and last the night in this spooky post-apocalyptic playground while hordes of the undead are moaning for their sweet and succulent flesh. If you get caught by the zombies, the fun isn’t over. Instead, you join their slavering, sadistic ranks and hunt down your friends for the remainder of the game.

Where do I get in line?

Detroit’s status as a ghost town is not news to its mayor, who recently encouraged citizens to come up with creative uses for the empty and abandoned spaces in the city. Z World Detroit is just one way that those forlorn and falling-apart areas could be used. Not only would it take Detroit’s misfortune and turn it into a fun and positive experience (yes, we know zombies are not everyone’s idea of “fun and positive,” but work with us here), but it would be a way to attract visitors to the area. And we all know what enthusiastic tourists can do to an economy.

Watch a video about the plans for Z World Detroit here.

You can support Z World Detroit by donating to the effort at Indiegogo.com. Think of this as the first (of hopefully many) zombie destination tourism spots.

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