‘Morality Bites Back’ connects television episode with comic to end story

Credits: Zenescope promo cover art

‘Morality Bites Back’ connects television episode with comic to end story

“Charmed” comics issue 6 is titled “Morality Bites Back” and is a continuation of what happened in the shows 24 episode, “Morality Bites”. The television show tells of one incident that happened in the sisters present time of 1999 setting off many bad things for the Charmed ones ten years later in 2009. This famed incident is a new witch trial at the hands of then political leader, Nathaniel Pratt.

When the girls travel to the future in the show, they find that Phoebe is being burned at the stake for being a witch because killed a baseball player named Cal Greene. In the television show, the sisters are portrayed as being very distant with each other, Phoebe is portrayed as being more violent and vigilante like,  Prue is a heartless business woman, and  Piper is divorced from Leo and they have a little girl named Melinda. In the end, they all learn their lesson and return to the present with knowledge and a reminder not to use their power for personal gain.

The comic picks up and says that it’s still 2009 (even though it is published in 2011) and that Phoebe is to meet her assistant Mika’s new boyfriend, Cal Greene. She flashes back to 1999 when they time traveled to 2009 and sees herself once again being burned at the stake.

She agrees to go to dinner with Mika and Cal and meet him. She doesn’t sense anything but is still cautious. When she goes back to the office, Elise tells her that the newspaper quit covering anything about him because they had several stories about his abuse towards women but no proof. They are both concerned about Mika and Phoebe goes to check on her.

When she arrives at Mika’s she finds that Cal has already exploded, but Mika insists that they return to work so that she can keep her mind off of it. Phoebe and the sisters stay with Mika to protect her but Phoebe has a premonition about Elise being dead and that she once again killed Cal by taking all of his anger and madness and directing the energy back to him.

She rushes into Elise’s office and find Elise hurt. Paige heals her and they devise a plan that only the Charmed Ones can and put the bad guy behind bars.

This was by far the best comic yet. The tie in to the television show was great and there were even pictures from the show and pictures in the comics. It really brought the story and the essence of the Charmed Ones back to the fans in a true story format.

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