Joss Whedon officially set to write and direct ‘The Avengers 2’

Credits: Marvel Studios

Joss Whedon officially set to write and direct ‘The Avengers 2’

Avengers reassemble! Joss Whedon has officially signed on to write and direct Marvel‘s “The Avengers 2,” the sequel to this summer’s epic superhero team-up blockbuster “The Avengers.” The decision was confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger during a conference call with investors this afternoon, reports the Washington Post.

Whedonites and comic book fans have at least partially credited the success of the wildly ambitious superhero flick “The Avengers” to Whedon’s brilliant script and directorial vision. So it is with great excitement and relief that we greet the news that Whedon will return to bring his vision to the film’s sequel.

But wait, wasn’t Whedon’s involvement in the sequel a foregone conclusion after he did so well with “The Avengers”? Well, not really. It turns out the question of who would write and direct “The Avengers 2” (and yes, as far as we know they are really calling it “The Avengers 2“) was very much up in the air.

Marvel has a long-standing tradition of using new blood to direct the sequels of their movies (With the “Iron Man” franchise and John Favreau being the notable exception), and so it would’ve come as no surprise if they chose to part ways with Whedon after one film.

On top of that, Whedon himself insinuated at Comic Con this year that he had no plans (yet) of writing and directing the sequel. And given Whedon’s almost tragic history when it comes to dealing with network and studio executives, the fans were anxious.

It seems all the nail-biting and worrying was for nothing, as Marvel and Disney have done the logical thing and hired Whedon to write and direct the sequel. We eagerly await the results.

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