Classic Superman theme not playing in a theater near you for ‘Man of Steel’

Credits: Warner Bros. promo

Classic Superman theme not playing in a theater near you for ‘Man of Steel’

A brass section blares in those signature notes playing the part of a striking film score that are tell-tale in the way and means of “faster than a speeding bullet”. This 2013, the iconoclast classic by legendary film composer and former Boston Pops conductor John Williams for the Man of Steel will not tonal at any point for the “Man of Steel”.

Zach Snyder holds true to his hinting that this Superman reboot will remake Superman like never before. The “Sucker Punch”, “300” and “Watchmen” director tells Total Film that a score by Hans Zimmer will be the main theme on next summer’s blockbuster.

“We decided to act as if no Superman film had been made – even though we love the films that have been made. We had to say this is a Superman movie for the first time and you can’t then go ‘Oh, now let’s steal a little music.’ So, yes it’s awesome music but Hans Zimmer is going to do something awesome.”

On the 35th anniversary year since “Superman: The Movie” hit theaters in 1978 it will be marked that the Superman Theme continues chording resonance as the soundtrack for the modern day fandom’s ongoing memories. With exception to “Superman: The Animated Series” of the 1990s, which scores a leading horn section in its composition, film and tv spots have been relaying the Kryptonian torch with John Williams’ theme ushering “Look up in the sky“ significance for  the caliber rebounding, aircraft hefting and  button –down shirt ripping “S” logo superhero.

Hans Zimmer of  – naming a few chiefly in almost two decades – “Gladiator”, “The Last Samurai” and “Inception“ fame came to household recognition on his Academy Award composing the movie theme for  1988s “Rain Man”. His music association with another film adaption of DC Comics greater icon composes with 2008s outstanding comics movie “The Dark Knight”.

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