Newest ‘Arrow’ trailer reveals even more footage

Credits: CW promo

Newest ‘Arrow’ trailer reveals more footage

Passing game is a phrase not used lightly in today’s NFL matrix because that’s exactly what has been marking championship teams. Same way nowadays that comics based live-action has gone edgy and dark in a winning formula through initial pilot ratings.

CW’s “Arrow” seems to be validating that direction in the latest commercial spot. A new trailer clips together a perspective away from an origins. More towards who the Green Arrow will be and what he has to face segments the collage of Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) displays.

A look at the new trailer doesn’t require a double take. That mirror’s imaging has similarity only in the matter of mentor and student. Vordigan the Dark Archer reflects another side of Oliver Queen in crime-fighting duds, the two  cowls shrouding like scowls leaves much to how they’ll work in the show. In case curiosity hasn’t been furrowing your brow over “Smallville” pique, yes that is actor Steve Bacic recurring Vordigan for a show without a spinoff affiliation.

Dark and edgy doesn’t secure repeat or lasting ratings, so defunct one-season wonders have shown us.

What more than remains to be seen is: Can “Arrow” make that target audience?

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