Red Eye Press Atomic Yeti #1 glows with the promise of old school horror

Credits: Red Eye Press

Red Eye Press Atomic Yeti #1 glows with the promise of old school horror (Video)

Red Eye Press Atomic Yeti #1 glows with the promise of old school horror. For those readers old enough to remember the golden years of two industry history makers “Eerie” and “Creepy” magazine (considered by some to be pulp horror), you’ll recall stories that dripped with atmosphere, tension, some of the greatest art in the industry and sometimes outright sensational scares. Atomic Yeti, one of the more recent ventures from Daniel Cooney (creator of Valentine,) proves just how talented and versatile he is by venturing into the void that to some degree exists in horror comics. A feat that few professionals can pull off successfully. Part of the success of this title lies in the fact that Mr. Cooney has chosen his team of creators well. Cover art for the first issue is penciled by Cooney, with inks by Bill Reinhold and colors by Paul Mounts; interior art is by Jeff Himes (Reformation); with writing duties taken on by Cooney. When a team composed of professionals of this caliber comes together, something special is bound to happen. Inspired by the true life mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, Atomic Yeti takes a cue from EC Comics (story wise) and visually has the texture and depth of some of the best work found in the pages of Eerie and Creepy magazines of old.  Atomic Yeti tells the story of Lane, a broken journalist who finds himself and his team on assignment in the small town of Vizhay, Russia. They are there to investigate the mysterious deaths of nine hikers who met their demise under extremely strange circumstances in the Ural Mountains. Not satisfied with the observation from a Soviet investigation that simply states the deaths were from “a compelling unknown force”, they begin to investigate what really happened to the unfortunate hikers. Unfortunately, uncovering the truth just might break what little is left of Lane’s cool veneer (why do I have a feeling that a Yeti or two might make an appearance?).  Daniel Cooney has a great ear for writing dialog (clearly evident in his work on his series Valentine) and when it is coupled with the rich and gritty line work of Jeff Himes, the images almost breathe on the page.  My only gripe, the fact that I have to wait for issue #2!  Daniel Cooney is hot and on a roll. If you are a fan of storytellers who know their craft or someone who enjoys a good creepy read, Atomic Yeti #1 is a great title to check out. Jeff Himes brings the creep factor with his images and delivers the second punch in this knockout combination. Available through Red Eye Press on Etsy for $5 or as a digital download over on ComiXology for a $1.99, this ride is well worth the price of admission.

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