Captain America and Spider-Man home-publisher racks 7 Harvey Awards in Baltimore

Credits: Sarah Pichelli / Marvel Comics

Captain America and Spider-Man home-publisher racks 7 Harvey Awards in Baltimore

Marvel Comics led the Harvey noms from the beginning for a major publisher. Large enough, as far as impressive statistics go, that of the 22 possible awards the New York-based publisher held at least two nominations amongst 13 categories. The ballot containing a particular 20 categories that were either comics specific or shared with comic strips and cartoonists.

So when the Harvey Awards came through on the weekend’s Sat., it comes to pass that out of the Big 2 comics mogul companies only the web-sanctum of Spider-Man was able to match count with the small press companies garnering take over.

Fair reflection, some enthusiasts might observe, on the comics market state at present day.

It can be, and generally is, a debate about the captivation affirming the industry consumers’ integral alignment with modern day superpower brokers and proprietors towards odysseys, heroes and mentors isn’t altogether outshining or outlasting the eclectic literary germane out of sequential art.

Drawn and Quarterly had garnered more than a few mentions down the list of nominees contending for a Harvey award. The Montreal-headquartered independent gained four Harveys.

Kate Beaton’s creator-owned Hark! A Vagrant won four awards as well, namely Best Online Comics Work. The printed version of Beatons’ self-pulished webcomic, which has a printed version by Drawn and Quarterly, also won for Best Cartoonist and Special Award for Humor in Comics.

Above all, though, after the Phil Lamarr hosted ceremony Marvel came into Sunday’s portion of the Baltimore Comic-Con with 7 wins. The all-new starting volume on Daredevil accounts to four out of the overall: Best Continuing or Ongoing Series, Best New Series, and scripter Mark Waid won a 2012 Harvey for Best Writer, while Joe Rivera nabs one for Best Inker.

A boon summer for Marvel in movies and comics it seems for 2012.

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