Marvel rolls out the teasers for new books

Credits: Marvel Comics

Marvel rolls out the teasers for new books

As was the case a few weeks ago, Marvel Comics released four brand new teasers for new books that will premiere when Marvel NOW! debuts in October.

The first teaser simply reads Lightning. The common theory is that this will be the relaunched Thunderbolts book based on the obvious connection between Thunder and Lightning, however it could mean plenty of things.

What is definitely true is the creative team of Daniel Way (Deadpool) and Steve Dillon which the teaser makes mention of.

The second teaser has the word “survive”, riddled in blood, with the words Hopeless and Walker.

This is by far the hardest teaser to decipher, as survive could mean a lot of things. The creative team is Dennis Hopeless and artist Kev Walker, but what of the book? It’s type is in white with blood sprinkled on it so it could be Punisher but in December is when it will be confirmed.

Now, the next two teasers are actually connected (according the Marvel). The first was revealed by CBR that simply reads “Wanted”. Once again, Hopeless will be writing while Salvador Larroca is the artist.

The guessing games continue as the second teaser revealed by ComicsAlliance reads “Killers”.

Sam Humphries and Ron Garney team up for this January 2013 book that will feature…well…Killers. There are a bunch of those in the Marvel U so it is a very vague teaser.

Stay tuned for more updates on these books as they are announced.

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