‘The Hunger Games’ fan-organized convention planned for Summer 2013

Credits: Victory Tour 2013

‘The Hunger Games’ fan-organized convention planned for Summer 2013

The Hunger Games fandom received a triple-dose of awesome news on Monday. Following word that filming had begun on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Lionsgate launching a contest for fans to win a visit to the movie’s set, organizers announced an exciting new convention.

Victory Tour 2013 will take place in North Carolina next summer — the same state where The Hunger Games was filmed last year. Organized by Hunger Games fans, the convention is designed to unite other fans of all ages (though those 12 & older are the primary demographic).

The Victory Tour 2013 will include a variety of events, many inspired by the books and movies themselves, including: opening ceremonies, a Hunger Games music, a fashion show and costume contest, a “Reaping,” so-called “Tribute Games,” a movie night, and closing ceremonies, among others.

Organizers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the event. Fans can help out by donating online. Donations will help bring some of the Hunger Games actors to the convention.

More details will be released as the event draws closer, but fans can keep up with the latest by checking out Victory Tour 2013 on Facebook and Twitter.

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